The success of ChangYuan Flex Company

At ChangYuan Flex Company, everyone is extremely proud of the company’s history of development and the achievements we have made. Throughout our development process, it is the unity and dedication of our team members that has made us a leading manufacturer of expansion joint in China.

The secret to the success of Changyuan Company lies in efficient team cooperation, professional knowledge of expansion joint manufacturing, and some employees working at Changyuan Company for over 20 years, all of which have played a very important role in the success of Changyuan Company.


Beginning of Changyuan Flex Company

China's oil pipeline engineers during the planned economy

Li Hongjun and his colleagues

Li Hongjun, founder of Changyuan Flexible Company, is a pipeline engineer in China. Since 1979, China’s infrastructure construction has been on the rise. The market demand for expansion joints inspired Li Hongjun’s idea of establishing an expansion joint company.

Because Lee Hongjun was an engineer in the factory during the socialist economic period of China, he joined the unemployed workers from the factory, rented a bankrupt state-owned factory, and began to produce metal expansion joints,dismantling joints and other products.


Mass production of expansion joints

Technical experts from Changyuan are guiding the production

Even with the high volume of orders, they didn't forget to test the pressure

Since 2000, China has joined the World Trade Organization, and foreign enterprises have invested and built factories in China. Various buildings have sprung up, and the expansion joints produced by Changyuan Company are very popular in the market.

The employees of Changyuan Company have always adhered to the work principle of being serious and paying attention to details. When they work, they carefully measure products with a ruler to ensure that the products they produce are exactly the same as the standards.


Development into a modern company

Changyuan's modern office building and modern factory

There are eight different functional departments in the office building

In 2008, the Henan Provincial Government proposed a bill aimed at helping small and medium-sized enterprises regulate their production and operation. Changyuan Flexible Company used this bill to establish a modern automated factory in the industrial Ghetto of Zhengzhou City.

Changyuan now has fully automatic rubber expansion joint production lines, bellows making machines and modern automatic welding equipment. These equipments have greatly improved the production efficiency and guaranteed the quality of the products.

A New Era of Developing International Trade

By rail, ocean, and air transportation. Changyuan Company can quickly deliver the required products and services to customers

Overseas Customer Distribution Map

ChangYuan Flex Company provides the best solutions for pipeline engineering to various parts of the world every year


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Dealing  with  after-sales  issues

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